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News Audit

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Delivering news is one thing while on the other to deliver content news is the other. You will find a lot of internet sites and lot of apps that claim to provide you news but we all know that is not a genuine thing.

Therefore, we are here to deliver you the actual news and the facts behind the incidents that happen all around the world. We believe in the transparency and that is why we have kept this motto as our mission.

Hence, we audit the news resources and question them either they are true or not. We are not just here for the headlines but we are actually here to deliver you the news. International, national, domestic, political, societal changes, we keep an eagle eye on all of them.

But as you are aware that it is very hard to keep the pace up with the international news. Why? Because there is so much happening around the world. It is hard to keep an eye on each of them. Though we have a lot of extensive network to cover the most of key zones to gather the maximum news.

But, we need your help as well. Therefore, we are giving you a great opportunity of “Guest posting”. Many of you are may be unaware about this concept “Guest posting”. Guest posting is a new term for many of the people particularly those who are new to blogging and are having a hard time in SEO.

Guest posting in a nutshell:

Guest posting is not a rocket science. Whenever you simply write an article for your own website then it is a post. However, when you do the same thing for someone else in exchange of SEO and other stuff. Then this is called guest posting.

So to explain guest posting in minimal words it can be explained as:

“The activity of writing a blog or an article for someone else’s website according to their niche market in exchange of internet benefits is called guest posting.”

Benefits of guest posting:

Guest posting may not return you in monetary returns. However, if you want that your article or blog stand out in so much rush of internet pages. Then you should certainly consider the option of “guest posting”.

When you write an article without guest posting services then it may not get ranked or it may not be as much accessible. However, when you do post your article using a backlink of a high authority website. Like in our case it is “66”.

Then you are capable of enjoying the following benefits:

  1. Increased targeted referral traffic: When the author writes content which has the capacity to blow a mind. Then it is obvious that specific article will get tons of traffic. That means more targeted traffic (Referral). What does it mean? More exposure more the audience more the profit!!
  2. Friendly and long-term relationships: Most of the owners are not just interested in the traffic and SEO. That is why they publish more than one guest posts in a single blog. This leads to long-term bonding with the publisher. So, there are chances that one can get multiple partnerships.
  3. Grab a vast amount of audience: When you publish your articles on the external websites. The chances are much greater that you explore new audiences. Just consider this example if your article gets accepted and published by Forbes. That mean with a single article tens and thousands of people will be reading your article. And, they may want to know about the author as well.

Write for the the News Audit

  1. Email us your pitch
  2. Keep your pitch to the point and persuasive
  3. Your article length should be between 700-1000 words.
  4. Do not give us plagiarized content as it is of no use.

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