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Why building an ADU is such a good idea?

You may have heard that it is much simpler to erect an auxiliary dwelling unit (ADU, also called a homestay, granny flats, casita, extra unit, or in-law suite) on most residential properties in California. Is an ADU a wise purchase? The answer relies on several things, whether you are a financial professional or a homeowner seeking your first chance to generate rental income. We’d like to provide some suggestions as you weigh all the pros and cons of building an ADU in the Greater San Diego area. We will tell you why building an ADU is such a good idea.

Is the Property Approvable for an ADU Construction?

Verify Development Standards to Determine if Your Property Qualifies for the Construction of an ADU. Verify your lot qualifies under local development rules before designing your ADU in California.


This is the maximum number of houses that can be built on a property. Verify that the planned ADU complies with the district’s restrictions on density.

Height restriction.

Your city or county may cap the height of new structures in your neighborhood. Your ADU’s height must adhere to these restrictions to obtain a building permit.

An ADU is what?

Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs. These small, independent houses frequently come with their lot to provide a more private living area that does not necessitate the same yard needs as a conventional main house on one property. They can stand fully separate from a single-family home or be joined to it. ADUs can be created, for instance, in a tiny house inside the backyard, an underground apartment, or perhaps an apartment over your garage.

For homeowners on a tight budget, ADUs can be a terrific option to increase their dwelling space and freedom. As an attached and detached single-family residence, they are conceptually and legally regarded as a component of the primary property. This means they cannot be bought or sold.


An Apple executive and a life coach designed an ADU that is robust and stylish. Helynn Ospina took the picture.

Jennifer Glynn, a co-founder of Space 10 Interiors, has recently created some ADUs in the Bay Area, noting that there are four in her neighborhood alone. She has found that most do several different tasks.

For instance, clients Josh & Gretchen Meighen use their Half Moonlight Bay casita as a party house, guest house, business, school location, and Zoom room. With a large family and expanding room requirements, it just made sense, according to Gretchen.

Easements for utilities.

These are the essential services that cross your property or run below it. Make sure access to such services is not restricted by your proposed ADU. Your ADU should maintain the minimum clearance if there is a public utility easement on your land. For instance, any new construction in Los Angeles must be at least ten feet from utility easements; the public utility must issue encroachment permission.


Other aspects could make it more difficult for you to construct an ADU in California. Detached ADUs are only permitted in Hillside Construction Regulation Supplementary Use Districts in Los Angeles, and they are only allowed to have a floor size of 1,200 square feet and a maximum height of two stories.

How does an ADU raise the value of a home?

The value addition of an ADU will be influenced by nearby comparable transactions, much like in more general real estate. According to a report from Porch, a property with an ADU often costs 35% more than a home without one in metropolitan cities.

Since the house will be valued alongside other homes with ADUs, building an ADU on your property usually raises its resale value. Your home’s worth will be established by an appraiser using the prices of homes that include ADUs. Properties with an ADU sell for higher money since they have more usable overall space and an income-producing unit.

In California, how much worth does an ADU add?

According to an industry standard, a freshly built accessory housing unit will increase the value of your home by 100 times your monthly rental rate. Therefore, renting an ADU out for $3,500 per month may increase the home’s value by about $350,000. Of course, case by the situation, this will vary greatly.

According to Sherry Chen, an ADU specialist and Realtor with Compass, “for those on the fence about building an ADU, I tell them that an ADU is a fantastic decision if they are seeking valuable cashflow today, plus long-term value in at least a three to five-year timeframe.

What is an ADU’s return on investment (ROI)?

From a cash flow viewpoint, ADUs have had the potential to provide a fantastic return on investment. For instance, in a lot of Oceanside and Carlsbad, a 1000 square foot, three bedroom, two bathroom ADU that costs around $400,000 to build (everyone for design, licenses, site work, building, and needed solar) may be rented for $3,500 to $4,000+ per month.

Budget for the cost of maintenance, taxes, and insurance when determining your genuine return on investment. The example mentioned above still leaves you with about $40,000 each year. Unleveraged cash-on-cash returns on the whole build cost of the ADU would easily reach 10%+.

Benefits of Additions

Think about adding on when you’re prepared to expand your living space without moving out of your neighborhood or purchasing a brand-new house. All your family members can live in the same home while still having access to more space than they need with less fuss. Your home can be expanded to make it more than adequate. This is a fantastic choice for the family because you can get precisely what you require without depending on others.

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