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Why are Apple and Google removing millions of applications?

Why are Apple and Google removing millions of applications?

Why are Apple and Google removing millions of applications?
Earlier this year, Apple and Google issued a warning to application developers who had not updated their applications in a long time.

According to several reports, Apple has sent notices to some developers and warned that if they do not update their applications within the specified period, their applications will be removed from the App Store.

Now, according to a report by Pixlate, an analytics company, about 30% of the applications in the App Store and Play Store have a sword of removal from the stores.
According to the report, 1.5 million abandoned applications have appeared in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In other words, these applications have not been updated for two years.

The report further states that abandoned applications are related to education, reference and games which are most popular among children.

Apple has previously stated that it will remove these applications from the App Store, but users who have downloaded these applications will not be affected as long as they are present on their device.
Last month, Google made a similar announcement that it was going to expand its Play Store’s target-level API requirements.

What are the reasons for removing these applications?

There are several reasons for this. Apps that aren’t updated regularly are always a security risk.

In addition, if the developer wants to get revenue from advertisers, he has to keep updating the application regularly.

How long are these applications expected to be removed?

In its warning email, Apple gave developers 30 days to update their applications, otherwise they would be removed from the App Store. Therefore, it is not clear when and how Apple will remove these applications.

On the other hand, Google has made it clear that from November 1, 2022, any application that will not fall into the category of API level two years, will not be available to install in the latest version of Android.

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