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USA: The family of George Floyd, who was killed by the police, has settled

USA: The family of George Floyd, who was killed by the police, has settled

USA: The family of George Floyd, who was killed by the police, has settled

A settlement has been reached between the family of George Floyd, a black man killed by U.S. police, and the Minneapolis City Department.

According to British media, the settlement of Minya Police City Council and George Floyd’s family will pay جار 27 million to George’s family.

According to media reports, a jury is being formed for the trial of a former Minya police officer named in George’s murder, in which six of the 12 judges have been selected for the hearing starting March 29.

According to British media, the City Council of Minneapolis, Minnesota, unanimously approved a pre-trial settlement in the case of George Floyd, the largest pre-trial settlement in the state of Minnesota to date.

Following the City Council settlement, George’s family’s lawyers said the video of George’s murder undeniably demanded change and justice, while the largest pre-trial settlement in a highly erroneous death case has always been a powerful one for blacks. It will send a message that the lives of blacks are also meaningful, so police brutality against people on the basis of race must end.

It should be noted that last year, a video of some police officers in the United States came to light in which the police had strangled a black citizen and a police officer had placed a knee on his neck on which the citizen repeatedly asked the police to breathe. I reported the problem, but the policeman did not listen, and George Floyd died of suffocation on the spot.

After the video of the death of a black citizen came to light, there were violent protests in various European countries, including the United States, and a movement called ‘Black Lives Meter’ was started.

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