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Trumps wanted to close Americans in Corona in Guantanamo, revealed in the book

revealed in the book Donald

Trumps wanted to close Americans in Corona in Guantanamo, revealed in the book
Washington: In the early days of Corona, the American President Donald wanted to isolate the Americans in the Trump Waus to isolate any island for which he was choosing.

According to the World News Agency, two journalists who belong to Washington Post and Yasmin Abukal, former American Scenario: Inside The Trump Administration ‘Response to the Pandemic That Changed History former American President Donald Trump policies to deal with And the awareness of the White House has been revealed to the home meetings.

In the book, a meeting on February 2020 was informed that President Trump asked his staff, “We do not have any island where to send citizens in Corona so that the country does not spread more.”
According to the text of the book, the answer to the question asked Donald Trump himself, and said, “What is the idea about Guantanamo, but his allies were also stunned and rejected this proposal.”

The US Department of Health officials have written more in the book, former US President said that we would import items in our country, but never want to import viruses.

In this book of Washington Post journalists, Donald Trump and the Department of Health Health officials said that the former president had told the secretary health and human resources that Corona testing is destroying me, I will go to the election. Which foolish sitting in the federal government is testing.

On this, Alexzzar said, “Do you indicate your sonic Cairly Coverer, who has handled the charge of the Corona Testing Strategies a week ago.” On which the former president was silent.

The book has also been revealed that former President Trump wanted to dismiss two senior officials of Health Health, these officers had called the country back to Corona in the Australian cruise ships and confirmed it in the media Had also made.

Apart from the former US President National Institute of Allergy and Infection Disease, Dr. Anthony Fiechi also wanted to resign, but due to public pressure, President Trump stops executing Dr. Anthony’s orders and instructions. Given

It is clear that the most affected country in the world is America, where more than 6 million people have been killed by this deadly virus, out of which more than 4 million former President were killed in Trump’s period.

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