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This village is recognized by a specific song instead of the name

This village is recognized by a specific song instead of the name

This village is recognized by a specific song instead of the name
New Dust: Kong Thong, located in Indian State Maghlava, has made a global focus on a long time. Here’s a real name of every child and mother calls her as a song or song name and she also gets her name.

However, this song is also in the form of seats, which is a part of the centuries old tradition. Interestingly, when people in the village call each other, the sound of the seats in the valley is to make the ears.

Due to your hospitality, beauty, and natural scenes, the United Nations has also described the village as the best tourist destination. The total population of Kong Thong is more than 650. There is a formal and official name here, if there is another name based on the other side.

When a child opens the eye in this world, the mother is told to whatever song is coming to her heart. Thus, he also gets the name of the child. The sound of the song is in the sound of a whistle, and that is why the village is also called the villages of the seats. But this is a wonderful process that the mother’s song is self-determination.


It is said that hundreds of three tribes living here were hundreds of years ago to hunt the victim in the wilderness or to bend the seats that change the cause of humans to name humans.

Interestingly, due to whistle names, people can also call each other very far away. The song can be longer than ten to twenty seconds. However, now the large number of youths are going to other places for employment and the village population has reduced.

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