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This blood test can detect diabetes as early as 19 years ago

This blood test can detect diabetes as early as 19 years ago

This blood test can detect diabetes as early as 19 years ago
STOCKHOLM: A global team of medical experts has discovered that the amount of a protein found in the blood can detect type 2 diabetes as early as 19 years, even if there is a small risk of the disease.

This protein is called “follistatin” which was discovered in the 1980s.

By the way, it is excreted from almost all the body tissues, but most of it is excreted from the liver.
So far, significant research has been done on this protein in terms of reproduction and metabolism, while high levels of this protein have been observed in the blood of people with diabetes.

In addition, animal studies a few years ago showed that this protein also plays an important role in affecting the performance of insulin.

It should be noted that insulin is the hormone that is used by the cells to get energy from glucose. Type 2 diabetes is caused by insulin deficiency that does not leave a person unattended until death.

In a recent study, experts studied the amount of folstatin protein in the blood of 5,000 people who took part in a Malmo Diet and Cancer Cardiovascular Cohort, a year-long study in Sweden.

They found that people with higher-than-average levels of folstatin in their blood developed type 2 diabetes several years later.

The maximum time interval for the onset of diabetic symptoms in such people was noted to be 19 years, meaning that 19 years before the onset of diabetes, the level of folstatin in their blood had increased more than normal.

Another surprising finding was that these people were completely dependent on diabetes for the extra amount of folstetin in their blood, even if they were not physically healthy.

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