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The world’s thinnest mechanical watch Price only Rs 8 crore!

The world's thinnest mechanical watch Price only Rs 8 crore!

The world’s thinnest mechanical watch Price only Rs 8 crore!
ROME: Italian luxury brand Bulgari has unveiled the world’s thinnest mechanical watch, measuring just 1.8 millimeters (0.07 inches) thick, priced at لاکھ 440,000 (PKR 80 million). Has been

It took Bvlgari engineers three years to design and manufacture this seemingly insignificant watch, as it contains 170 extremely short parts that have been crafted into an extremely fine mold with extraordinary skill.

The watch is called the “Octophenesimo Ultra”, in which, with the help of the latest laser and holographic technology, extremely short pieces made of titanium metal are placed in a very precise 1.5 mm thin mold.
This clock can run continuously for 50 hours once the key is filled.

According to Bulgari, only ten watches of the Octophenesimo Ultra have been made and each such watch can be purchased for 4 440,000.

The watch also has a QR code on a panel with a timed dial, which the owner of the watch can scan from his smartphone to know all the technical details of “Octo Finesimu Ultra”.

In addition, a special 3D virtual tour can be done using the same QR code, in which you can “go around” and see the stages related to the preparation stages and parts of this watch.

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