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The solution to the centuries-old mystery of plague deaths

The solution to the centuries-old mystery of plague deaths

The solution to the centuries-old mystery of plague deaths
Munich: An international team of scientists has claimed to have solved the mystery of the deaths caused by the centuries-old plague.

According to scientists, the epicenter of the epidemic that killed 60% of people in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa in the middle of the 14th century was Central Asia, today’s Kyrgyzstan.

The epidemic first spread in the Mediterranean region in 1347 via merchant ships coming from the east. However, the authors of the new study say they found the outbreak to be in the vicinity of Lake Iskkul in Kyrgyzstan.
An epidemic between 1338 and 1339 devastated a local business community, and the tombs there at the time indicate that they had died of an unknown epidemic.

As part of the research, researchers analyzed the DNA of the remains found in the graves of these people in 1338. In the analysis, they found that they were infected with the DNA Yersinia pestis bacterium.

Phil Sullivan, co-author of the study at the Max Planck Institute, said:

The plague bacteria are found in wild mice all over the world, these mice are called plague reservoirs.

According to scientists, the current variants of the epidemic are very similar to the ancient variables found in the plague deposits near the Tianshan Mountains on the border of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and northwestern China.

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