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The role of a dentist- work, expectations and, much more.

How many times have you said to yourself,” I’ll probably be a dentist; it’s the easiest”? Well, let me tell you that a dentist is just like any other doctor with the same amount of responsibilities and burden on their shoulders.

This read will give you a clear picture of a dentist’s role in our society, their responsibilities, what they do, and how much they earn. Let’s not wait any more time and dig in.

What does a dentist do?

 Let’s get into the basics first and understand what does a dentist does?

Like any other doctor responsible for any of your organs, the role of a dentist is restricted to your oral hygiene. A dentist will not just look after your teeth if they get decayed or damaged, but he will also make sure that your oral hygiene is maintained with a dazzling smile.

These dentists are why we can smile proudly without any problems of whether our teeth look good or not. Whatever might be wrong with our teeth, gum, or jaw, a dentist can help you fix it.

Do you have crooked teeth? Stained teeth? Colored teeth? Do you think they are affecting your personality? Of course, they are! But don’t worry, a dentist will take care of it.

So you see, a dentist is not just a person in a white coat who kids are afraid of, but he still gives us some candy at the end. But they are the sole purpose of why we can show off our beautiful teeth and feel confident about ourselves.

But what are all these processes called? There has to be a name to it, right? Well, all of these dentist duties and responsibilities come below the broad niche of dentistry. Let me tell you all about it.

What is dentistry?

It’s simple; you know what a dentist does, it all falls under the category of dentistry, it’s a field, a subject, that you would have to study if you want to pursue the career of being a dentist.

Dentistry is all about looking after your oral care, your teeth, your gums, the soft tissues in your mouth. All the diseases and issues that can arise in this area and the solution to them cones under dentistry.

But dentistry is not just that; it also means that you will be taught to correct the dislocations of the jaw, birth abnormalities such as cleft palate, etc. Yes, you will be able to perform major surgeries that could transform one’s life. How amazing does that sound?

Dentistry, in the end, is a very vast term, and everything, including orthodontics and pediatric dentistry, comes under this niche.

A person who has specifically studied dentistry will be a renowned dentist and will be able to assist anyone. So what happens after dentistry is done? Where will a dentist go next? Where will he work? Calm your horses; I will tell you all about it.

Where do dentists work?

Now that you know what a dentist does and what dentistry is, let’s move on to some places that you might find a dentist in. Where do dentists work?

Private clinics.

This is a general and famous preference in the dentist industry; they like to be independent with their work and open personal clinics. These clinics are easily accessible to the local and the general public; you might find one around the corner of your local mall or market.

These private clinics are primarily small, but they are very specialized in dental care as they are just dedicated to offering you dental health care.


If you can’t find a local dental clinic around your house, then a hospital is a place where you would 100% find a dentist. The dentist in hospitals is singular; they have a whole team working together with the latest equipment.

After conducting to your local clinic, if you feel like you have a more significant issue like surgery and the clinic is not qualified according to you, then a hospital might help.

I prefer to choose a specialized clinic because they are just like hospitals for teeth and other oral issues.

Where do dentists prefer to work?

Well, it’s up to their preference and budget. If they want to work with peers in irregular working hours, then hospital it is.

On the other hand, if they have enough budget then a clinic is better as if has more flexible working hours, you are your boss there, and soon a dentist who works with passion and dedication becomes famous among the locals.

What is the average dentist’s salary in Pakistan?

Well, again, that is different according to your expertise, where you work, how much you work, etc., but the average dentist salary for a month can go anywhere from 78k to 3M, not an insufficient amount for spreading smiles, right?


Now that you have a dentist Jon description, you know what a dentist does and what you would have to expect in your job if you want to pursue a career like this.

A dentist’s job can be tricky and hectic sometimes, but the feeling you get when you see a patient smiling ear to ear is genuinely fulfilling. So what are you waiting for? GO FOR IT!

If you want inspiration from someone, you might look up Dr. Aimen Zia from Zia dental care; they are the top and best dental care clinic in Karachi.

The credit goes to Dr. Aimen Zia works hard with dedication carrying the whole trained professional staff to give the best oral care to the residents of Karachi.

Well, now you also know where to go if you ever get a rotten tooth. Till then, CIAO.

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