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The pillow fight was included in the regular game

The pillow fight was included in the regular game

The pillow fight was included in the regular game
Florida: As a kid, we used to fight pillow fights with our siblings and friends, but now it’s officially turned into a game.

In this regard, after Japan, the regular Plow Fight Championship (PFC) has also started in the United States and its first event was held in January this year while more competitions will be held next year. These competitions can be viewed live for a fee.

Behind the concept is Steve Williams, who has been interested in pillow fights since he was a child, but has long sought to incorporate them into professional combat sports. However, this is not a harmless game as the players of mixed martial arts hit their opponents in the face with great speed and skill.

Steve Williams said that this game is not funny to laugh at the wings flying from the pillows but it is a regular fighting game which can hurt the face as well as the body. The competition featured boxing and mixed martial arts players, both men and women.

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