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The noise stops through this window, but the wind blows

The noise stops through this window, but the wind blows

The noise stops through this window, but the wind blows
SINGAPORE CITY: Windows are a key to light and air in a home, but as soon as the window is opened, noise and noise from outside can be heard in the room. Now Singaporean engineers have designed a window that allows air to enter better than before but prevents outside noise.

These experts from the National University of Singapore have created a new style window called Acoustic Friendly Ventilation Window (AFVW). The first specimen is 1.8 m high, 0.88 m wide and 0.15 m thick. It is double glazed and has an open gap of eight and a half centimeters between the two mirrors.

There are also two horizontal vents (open seams). One opens to the outside and the other to the inside. At the bottom is an electric ventilation unit, basically a cylindrical fan that blows in fresh air from outside. This air enters the room up and down through different seams.

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