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The New Hybrid Work Culture Needs New Communication Strategies

Do you remember the time when someone would pass by your workstation, and you just had to say, “Hey, do you have a second?” to start a conversation? Or, at the end of the meeting, when you felt that you had not grasped something, all you had to say was, “Hey, I have got a question.” Back then, our communications were strong, instantaneous, and easy with our team members.

Then came the pandemic.

The social restrictions coerced us into working remotely, ensuring we no longer saw our colleagues in person every day. However, with a lot changing, many of us continued using the same instantaneous, real-time communication skills and style. The only difference in the new communication style was, instead of holding up someone passing by our workstation, we send an instant message or text on a messaging app whenever we need help or need to have a conversation.

Except, there is a bit of trouble with that.

The Ineffective Style of Communication

Trying to rely on the old real-time communication style digitally is neither effective nor efficient. The problem with this communication style starts when the conversation is no longer in the here and now. For instance, a Zoom call is real-time where participants expect immediate responses.

When working in the office, we interacted with a limited number of people in a day. However, now that we are working remotely, it feels like everyone is within our reach.

If around 100 colleagues and clients are messaging you at the same time, then you are not alone in the misery. Most of the remote workers are going through the same communication routine. While the colleagues or clients are trying to share a quick thought or ask a quick question with you, but you might start to feel overwhelmed with the pressure to respond immediately.

Most of the people working from home have trouble maintaining the work-life balance, deal with internet issues, and more. In times like these, having the pressure to not only respond to an abnormal amount of messages but also to respond instantly can be a daunting experience. People with high-speed internet service like that of Windstream Communications may immediately return to the queries online with ease, but workers with a slow internet connection will feel an extra burden in their work lives.

Adapt Asynchronous Communications

Help your team members feel less stressed with an asynchronous communication style. An asynchronous communication style is not expected to be in real-time. In implementing it, you will be able to slash off burnout and unleash your team members’ creativity and productivity in the service they provide.

Asynchronous Communications Tools

There are plenty of tools that help in communicating asynchronously during hybrid and remote work times. You can record a message on Zoom or a voice message on your phone to send it to your clients who require an update on the project.

You can also make a screencast, using tools like QuickTime Player. A screencast can record a video happening on your computer that can also include a voice-over narration.

Many companies are using Slack as their official communication tool during remote and hybrid work. The key to using Slack as an efficacious communication tool is by attaching a policy regarding its usage. Companies should make sure that employees know to use Slack as an asynchronous communication tool and understand that it is not necessary to respond immediately. This way, employees are not distracted often and may focus on work without worries.

Lead Your Team Towards Shift!

A lot of shifting happened for companies in the past few years. With changes in working standards to communication style, your team must have adopted many new things to foster their productivity. However, when it comes to enabling asynchronous communication by replacing synchronous communication style, leadership is necessary.



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