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The International Space Station will be ejected from orbit in 2031

The International Space Station will be ejected from orbit in 2031

The International Space Station will be ejected from orbit in 2031
WASHINGTON: After valuable services and discoveries in space science and technology, the International Space Station will finally be launched towards the sea by 2031, and it is expected that part of it will fall into the sea even after being burnt by air friction.

A report submitted to Congress by NASA states that although parts of the International Space Station are repairable, it will eventually retire. Under the plan, it would be dropped at Point Nemo, a Pacific site that is also an uninhabited and desolate region.

According to NASA, Point Nemo is an area far from populated, and the Russian space station Mir was launched here in 2001. Earlier, large satellites were also orbiting in this direction. Experts also call it the cemetery of space objects and satellites.
It should be noted that the Congress had asked the NASA experts to tell about the viability of the station and also what its future might be. On this, NASA has said that its orbit can be shifted further down to the lower earth orbit and it can be handed over to private companies, but finally it was decided that after nine years, its direction will be towards the earth.

ISS has been orbiting the Earth in space since 1998. It was built by five of the world’s space agencies and has been used by humans since 2000. More than 3,000 unique and interesting experiments were performed in its famous micro-laboratory which were not possible in the terrestrial environment. In this way we have developed many new technologies that will be useful to human beings for decades to come.

Under the plan, its normal operations will continue till 2030, while it will be phased out and completely silenced. It will then be expelled from orbit, which will be possible in several stages.

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