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The FDA has approved a foot butt watch for measuring heart rate

The FDA has approved a foot butt watch for measuring heart rate

The FDA has approved a foot butt watch for measuring heart rate
CALIFORNIA: Many Fitbit devices, including the Apple Watch, are awaiting US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval, specifically for measuring heart rate. It has now been formally approved by the agency for “Peso Heart Response Monitoring”.

Under the new technology, Fitbit notes the heartbeat and its fluctuations several times a day with intervals and in case of a dangerous condition, checks to see if the heart condition is being affected. This condition is called arterial fibrillation. On the one hand, this condition can lead to paralysis and on the other hand, it can lead to death.

With the FitBit software, patients themselves can know their condition, otherwise it is possible for the device to stay in the background and note the condition and heartbeat.
Fit Butt introduced this feature in 2020. When it was tested on several people, it identified several cases of irregular heartbeat with 98% accuracy and it was possible to save the lives of these patients. Then there’s the Apple Watch. Since then, Apple has repeatedly approached the FDA for its Fitbit. Two months ago, Apple again asked the FDA to approve its general use in light of the new evidence.

Although fit-butt devices are still less effective than conventional devices, they can be used to refer patients to the hospital for immediate medical attention by identifying dangerous opportunities. Experts believe that wearing a fit butt can help heart patients detect atrial fibrillation immediately. In this way, the condition of the heart can be constantly monitored.

Fit Butt has announced that it will be the first to be released to the American public after approval.

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