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Suffering from Corona guerrillas at the American Zoo, treatment continues

Suffering from Corona guerrillas at the American Zoo, treatment continues

Suffering from Corona guerrillas at the American Zoo, treatment continues
Atlanta: Gorillas at the zoo in the American city of Atlanta have tested positive for corona and have been receiving treatment ever since.

According to a report in The Atlanta Journal Constitution, a local Atlanta magazine, 13 of the 20 gorillas at the zoo in Atlanta, Georgia, have been infected with the corona virus, including the world’s longest-living male gorilla. Ozzy is also involved, with mild symptoms of the virus.

The guerrillas’ outbreak was discovered when their guards saw them coughing, and after further examination, they found other symptoms of corona.
According to a statement issued by the zoo, 20 gorillas at the zoo were tested after the symptoms appeared. Preliminary tests have tested positive for the coronavirus virus SARS-CoV-2 in 13 gorillas, but are awaiting confirmation from the National Veterinary Service Laboratory in Iowa.

“These gorillas are being treated with monoclonal (derived from the same single cell) antibodies to protect them from corona complications,” said Sam Rivera, the zoo’s senior director of health. We are keeping a close eye and we hope that they will recover completely.

“Despite all the precautions to be taken during the epidemic, it is a matter of concern to us that these animals are infected. We believe that despite all the protective equipment and clothing and complete vaccination, the virus is still in the gorillas,” he said. A. Symptomatic (a person who does not show symptoms of the disease) is transmitted from the guardian.

“We do not yet have any data on the transmission of the virus from animals to humans, but there is no risk of the virus being transmitted to humans due to the distance between animals and visitors,” he added. Are

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