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Speed ​​up your computer

Speed ​​up your computer

Speed ​​up your computer
Silicon Valley: If your computer has slowed down, it means it’s time to clean it up, but the question is how to clean the computer?

Whether it’s a laptop or a smartphone, they all accumulate junk files and we usually ignore them. But if junk files from a computer or smartphone (files that are created from applications that write Windows and other temporary files, usually created during installation or running of a program) if allowed to accumulate then The computer slows down, and you may experience a delay in opening any program.

In the following article, we will show you how to improve the performance of a computer by removing these junk files.
You can delete temporary and junk files in a few simple steps without any third party application or software. All we need is a command prompt to do this.

First, open the Command Prompt window. To do this, click the Start button at the bottom and type cmd. Enter now.


As you enter, a dialog box will open. Now type the following command to view the temporary files stored in your system.

\% SystemRoot% \ explorer.exe% temp%


You can now delete these appearing files in two ways. Select all the files by pressing Ctrl + A and then press Delete or Shift + Delete.

If you have mastered the commands, then you can delete these files using the command del% temp% \ *. * / S / q. The files used in these two methods will be left and the rest will be deleted. You can delete the remaining files in the same way.

If you want to delete all the junk files from the hard disk, then use the following loadsk command.

cleanmgr / lowdisk / e

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