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Shanira Akram’s challenge to English women who insult employees

Shanira Akram’s challenge to English women who insult employees
KARACHI: Former captain Wasim Akram’s wife Shanira Akram has challenged the women who mocked the English of the manager of a private hotel.

Yesterday, a video of a woman owner of a restaurant in Islamabad went viral in which both women were seen making fun of their manager’s English. The video went viral on social media as soon as it was seen and the country’s leading personalities along with social media users also criticized the two women for insulting an employee.

Amna Khan, a social media user, joked on the video, “Since we are the boss and we were getting bored, let’s make fun of a great employee who has been working with us for 9 years.” See more similar tweets later.
It should be noted that in the viral video, it can be seen that the women first introduce themselves and their manager in English and ask the manager questions about them, to which the manager says that he has been working in this restaurant for about 9 years. ۔

One woman asks how many English classes you have taken and asks the manager to introduce himself in English. Hesitantly, the manager could barely utter a single sentence. On which the woman laughs very insultingly and mocks the manager saying that these are our managers who have been with us for 9 years and this is the best English that they speak.

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