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Passengers face 6-hour wait at Heathrow Airport to test for corona virus, case reaches MPs

Passengers face 6-hour wait at Heathrow Airport to test for corona virus, case reaches MPs

Rochdale (Aaron Mirza) Passengers arriving in the UK from different countries have to wait at Heathrow Airport for about six hours to be tested for the corona virus, and the matter has reached members of parliament. Airport executives claim that passengers arriving at Heathrow Airport face a six-hour wait for the Corona test, for which they are forced to stand in queues and wait their turn. London Airport Chief Civil Solutions Officer Chris Garton told MPs that the situation was becoming unstable, giving evidence to the Common Transport Select Committee, warning that some passengers arriving at the airport were starting to get distracted if you If you have to stand in line for two or three hours, you have to do it and we have to get the police service involved to help us. Chief Civil Solution Officer Chris Garton said the new measures include a 100 percent investigation. The system has been introduced which is putting tremendous pressure on the officers. The Home Office has not deployed new officers or increased staff following the new measures. According to the Immigration Services Union (ISU), about 800 border guards are working in Heathrow and are currently working. They are working on common causes of absence. Spokesman Lucy Morton said one of the main reasons for the long queues is that passengers cannot use e-gates because of the new border restrictions imposed during the Corona crisis. Percentage of passengers must be checked Passengers often arrive at the airport without proper documents and they also face problems. An ISU correspondent says the transaction time is five minutes after the epidemic with proper paperwork and takes at least 30 minutes without any paperwork. Lucy Morton said the government should The choice of routes can either eliminate the need for a 100% check as well as all present national security threats or ensure that no one arrives in the UK without complying with the relevant requirements. We are in a public health epidemic and people should not travel unless absolutely necessary. The Border Force has ensured that it has adequate resources to ensure that travelers visit our border health facilities. Currently queues and waiting times will be longer as it is very important that we do a full check at the border and due to the fact that some passengers did not meet the requirements to enter the UK. Such as code testing, purchase of packages or their hotel bookings, etc. must be checked

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