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Like two hearts in the desert, ‘Lake Ulfat’ can be seen from space

Like two hearts in the desert, 'Lake Ulfat' can be seen from space

Like two hearts in the desert, ‘Lake Ulfat’ can be seen from space

Dubai: Although Dubai is full of skyscrapers, tree-shaped islands and other attractions, it has now added the Al Qadra Oasis, designed to bring two hearts together. It has also been dubbed the ‘Lake of Love’.
Seen from a height, the two hearts look very small, but in fact it is an important project of human endeavor with an area of ​​five and a half million square meters. It is a perfect place for lovers because of its tranquility and charming location. That is why it is also called the ‘Lake of Love’. Due to its structure, the lake is also visible from the height of space.

It has been transformed into a man-made oasis in a desert away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Only sand can be seen from the lake. That is why huge sums of money have been spent on access to water and construction materials. In addition, 16,000 trees and innumerable varieties of flowers have been planted. Then the word love has been made from them by growing begonia plants.

Although it was inaugurated in 2018, now more facilities are offered here. Recently, Sheikh Hamdan Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai shared an aerial photo of him. However, if tourists want to see the original structure, they have to be at least 50 meters high so that they can see the heartfelt design of the lake.

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