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Facts about Kitchen Fitting Installation

When installing countertops, the installation process must be completed properly. The chances of damaging structural elements are higher. Moreover, it is installed incorrectly; many things can go wrong like it can be risky for your plumbing and cabinet wood can be split. You should be particular in Kitchen fitting installation.

In the addition, sometimes, countertop materials are delicate or need special expertise to handle the job. You should not leave this task to an ordinary worker. Therefore, it must be left to the professionals. There are several other reasons due to which you should prefer hiring a reliable professional service that can handle the job carefully and you will enjoy all the aesthetics of the countertop.

  1. Complex skills

When a countertop project is easy, it is good to save your money and handle the installation task with a worker. Sometimes, this installation project is not simple and there are multiple tasks to do such as reshaping, laminating, cutting, and others. In this situation, you need to hire a reliable service in Longwood, that can do this job without any hassle. They can handle these countertop materials and stones to cut and fit appliances, stoves, and sinks. It needs special equipment, tools, and knowledge of the appropriate cutting procedure. The expert team can only do this job with accurate measurements of the angles.

  1. Minimum mistakes

Amateur errors include your expenses since you need to replace damaged or broken materials. The countertop installation team has the knowledge and skills to do their job properly in a go. The professional installation team starts working after analyzing their job. The mistakes will not include your installation expenses. If countertops need lamination or sealing, they take the time to make sure that these seals are done properly without any error.

  1. Proper handling

We all know that these countertops are formed to be durable. Some specific materials are delicate and can be expensive and fragile while installation. These items should be installed properly. An only a professional team can do this job without any hassle. These tops are heavy to lift and due to any mismanagement, these items become damaged. They use modern tools and equipment to fix it properly. They have additional skills when plumbing may need to be re-routed. If you add a new dishwasher, garbage disposal, and new sinks.

  1. Quality workmanship

It is vital that you need to hire a professional team that is trustworthy and certified. They can do their paperwork to show their knowledge and expertise. They can complete their installation procedure by doing the agreement with the customers. Moreover, the team is expert in doing different types of installation like granite countertops, residential countertops, marble countertops, quartz countertops, custom designs, stone slab countertops, replacement and installation, maintenance and countertop repairs, and many more.

Which material is suitable for kitchen fittings?

Quarts counterparts are designed in two diverse methods. Some are designed with the quarried stone slabs. The majority of the homeowners prefer using these counterparts, which mixes 95% natural quartz with polymer resin. Some of the pros and cons of these items are here.

Advantages of Quarts Counterparts

In Europe, these are highly popular, but it is not as much popular in the USA. It combines stone qualities, and it offers versatility to the kitchen.

Toughness and durability

Quartz counterparts are two excellent and durable stones. Enjoy the longevity of these slabs because it can bear a lot of bashing by your knives, spoons, and plates. These slabs are durable and solid. Therefore, it will be the best option for installing new or go to change their kitchen counterpart. It would help if you focused on the reliable team to fix these countertops. They will fix it in the best way. So, you can enjoy its efficiency.

Styles and colors

These are available in a variety of colors and styles. So, you can choose the color that can match your home décor. These are engaged in different styles as you like. You can see these counterparts come in patterns and shapes. It enhances your home’s aesthetics and offers a very decorative feel.


Unlike other counterpart’s materials, quarts are more reliable and solid. It does not need repairs for a long time. It contains crack-resistant technology that prevents it from getting patches and holes.

Easy to clean

Get peace of mind that the surface is germ-free. For cleanliness, its non-porous surface is ideal that will not provide infestation to viruses and bacteria. You can clean it with a warm wet cloth to clean it properly, and it is done. You can easily clean the surface, and the shine will not fade out in some washes or after sometimes.


It comes with a 25-year warranty. You can enjoy its long-lasting functionality in your kitchen and bathroom both.

Disadvantages of the Quarts Counterparts

There are several benefits of using these counterparts, and the majority of the people use to switch to these counterparts from the other material, but quarts have come cons. It would help if you were careful in its use to enjoy longevity. If you do not consider its drawbacks, then you will break it soon. Learn more about some of its cons here.

  1. Quarts cannot bear the heat, and it damages it quickly.
  2. Its sinks are not suitable and long-lasting.
  3. It is not a budget-friendly option for the majority of the people.
  4. Quartz countertops are not easy to install. You need to hire a reliable and experienced installation service provider.
  5. These are suitable for indoor use. In the direct sunlight, quarts lose their color.


It is a non-porous surface that is naturally stained free as compared to marble and granite. If someone wants to replace countertops with quartz countertops, the best idea is to contact a professional fabrication and installation company like Magic Install. It is a reliable and trained team that strives for excellence.

Hiring a professional Kitchen fitting installation team is highly important. It is the name of excellence with certification and licensed background. They are easy to access online and in their offices. Save your money and time by hiring their services. You do not need to supervise anything because they know their job.




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