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Khobro Chinese Influencer Killed by Drinking Insecticides in Live Stream

Khobro Chinese Influencer Killed by Drinking Insecticides in Live Stream

Khobro Chinese Influencer Killed by Drinking Insecticides in Live Stream
BEIJING: A Chinese video artist and influencer ingested pesticides in a live stream to provoke fans to die.

Khobro Xiao Mao Mao Zhi, 25, was already suffering from severe mental stress and a few days ago she was on the Chinese social media app Dwayne. During the live broadcast, she said that her friends knew that she had been in hospital for two months due to severe depression.

It should be noted that she became very popular due to her intelligence and beauty, but with only 38 videos, the number of her fans has reached close to seven lakh. However, his close friend said that someone had provoked him to take pesticides, after which his condition deteriorated. He was rushed to a hospital where doctors tried to save his life but he could not recover.

After his death, videos and screenshots went viral. In some places, fans say, “Drink this (pesticide) quickly,” while others called police and aid workers for help.

A close friend of Lu Xiao said that she did not want to commit suicide, but only wanted the attention of her old lover, who had turned away some time ago, by putting pesticides in the video with her. However, the woman’s family has decided to prosecute all those present in the live stream, at whose instigation the woman drank poison and died.

In this regard, the lawyer has also been contacted in which a case of deliberate incitement to suicide by filing livestream messages has been filed. On the other hand, the girl’s parents have said that the Chinese online platform has also failed to prevent suicides.

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