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James WebSpace Telescope Ticker of Space

James WebSpace Telescope Ticker of Space

James WebSpace Telescope Ticker of Space
WASHINGTON: NASA’s James Webpace Telescope collided with a piece of space rock.

According to the US Space Agency, one of the major mirrors of the telescope was collided with a left -handed coward stone, which was larger than a sample laid down by engineers in expected and land tests.

A NASA blog post said that the telescope inspection was underway and it was seemingly shocked that the telescope was fully active but the slightest impact on the collision data was becoming clear.
The company said that the honeycomb collided with a piece of large mirror between May 23 and 25. This mirror is very important for the telescope to remain active.

NASA added that the telescope has the ability to tolerate such clashes, even if a piece of rock is larger than the expected piece.

The US space agency said researchers used real and artificial collisions on pieces of mirrors to see how the telescope tolerates such pieces floating in space.

NASA Technical Deputy Project Manager Paul Guithaner said that scientists knew that the web would have to endure the space environment, in which the sun -ultra -violet lights and charged particles coming from the sun come from extraordinary sources in the galaxy and the space rays. Our solar system includes the timely collision of small honeycomb stones.

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