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Introducing America’s First Responsive AI Security Training Program by USPA

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In order to train security personnel and fire guards, USPA Nationwide Security has implemented its fully responsive artificial intelligence technology. As the AI continues to acquire new knowledge, the cutting-edge courses combine programmed rules and human-like instincts to improve the content

USPA Nationwide Security announced the launch of its Artificial Intelligence Security Training Program. This program is designed to train the more than 5,000 security contractors who perform services for the international security conglomerate. According to USPA’s CEO, Dan Manning, after nearly 11 months of research and development, artificial intelligence will save the firm millions over the next decade. This is because artificial intelligence will leave no carbon footprint. Using our cutting-edge technology, security contractors can learn at their own pace and at their convenience anywhere in the world.

A Fire Watch In-Service Level 1 Series has been developed by USPA, which consists of two hours of lessons taught by fully responsive artificial intelligence instructors. An artificial intelligence system can detect movement, sound, and even read lips by activating the camera and microphone on the student’s device.

Artificial intelligence is machine learning technology that can train thousands of security officers simultaneously; a task that traditionally required human cognition, flights, hotels, and a great deal of time. An AI can learn, teach, and respond in a manner that is similar to that of a human. This is done by combining components from computer and cognitive science, linguistics, psychology, neuroscience, and mathematics.

USPA’s research and development department has recently launched its autonomous security technology division with the assistance of security consultant and former CEO, Michael Evans. According to the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch article, “USPA Nationwide Security Targets Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2023,” the company claims their updated AI training will result in net zero emissions by 2023.

USPA Nationwide Security offers the following services:

USPA is a nationwide security firm that specializes in close protection officers, fire watch guards, secure transport, and maritime security. USPA has franchise offices in most parts of the United States and security contractors around the world since 2005. This makes it a leading company in terms of technology, green initiatives, and overall customer service. Moreover, USPA, via Kingsman Philanthropic Corp. donates a significant portion of its profits to fund the rescue of women and children from human trafficking.

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