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RockstarRican AIMS

Romique Thompson (born April 3, 1996), professionally know as (@ RockstarRican ) is a well-known independent music artist in Richmond, Virginia. It has been 2 years since he ventured into the music industry as it has always been his passion and love. What makes him different compared to several artists out there is the fact that he is a touring artist with amazing metaphors.

A touring artist is someone who visits different places and records his music to catch different vibes. Every new place inspires RockstarRican to create a unique piece that he shares with his fans. Romique is not just an independent music artist, but he also doordashes daily for extra money. He says that one of the biggest challenges he has to face is creating a balance between his art and work. But he always manages to give enough time to both.

Every artist has a comfort time that helps them to create the best piece of art. For RockstarRican, its the early morning time. He says, “I like to make music early so that I can have the rest of the day to myself.” The talented musician loves listening to songs on the radio and getting to know about new artists around the world.

When asked who are his inspiration in the world of music, RockstarRican answers, “My musical inspirations have been Chris Brown, Lil Baby and Lil Wayne. I admire their work and how they have achieved so much in their life purely on the basis of their incredible talent.”

Despite having a side hustle, RockstarRican explains the reason why he decided to enter the music industry 2 years ago. While his passion is of utmost value to him, he also strives to create more and more original songs for music lovers around the world. The artist shares that he has a new single coming out soon titled “Hookless 2”.

One can check out his wondrous work on his Soundcloud account. RockstarRican also shares updates about his new songs on his Instagram pages. Check out the links below:

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