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Important Things This Pandemic Has Taught Families Around The World

Important Things This Pandemic Has Taught Families Around The World

Important Things This Pandemic Has Taught Families Around The World


Have you realized this? Whenever a child is born —he automatically gets a family, religion, and nationality. The immediate environment is the family which is tasked with many responsibilities. Because of this, the family tree has to be maintained at all times.


The world never thought in 2020 a deadly virus will erupt like a volcano. Businesses, social lives, and other economic activities have been greatly affected.  It came as a big surprise. Friendships, businesses, relationships, and families have been disintegrated for about two years now.


Despite all the stress and pains, this COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the entire world, it has taught us some good lessons. We are humans and by nature have a sense of belonging. A family is the backbone of every society and country. It contributes immensely to nation-building.


We grow from there before we can touch the outside world. By fortifying the family to be responsible and productive; an entire country would become successful, peaceful, and increase in production.


No matter how deep this pandemic has affected our social lives —families remained together in love. Irrespective of the distance between family members, the love and care have always been there.


Even though COVID-19 restrictions prevented family members from boarding planes to visit each other from distant countries, the love became intense. (Blood is thicker than water)


Let’s thank technology for being a good means of reaching out to loved ones during the crazy days of lockdowns and strict protocols. Social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, and TikTok helped in getting in touch with friends and loved ones through video calls and normal chat.


The virus might have succeeded in putting fear and panic in us but it never took away the love we have for our friends and family members.


Everyone felt the need to see a friend or a family member wake up in the morning looking healthy and happy. Indeed life is more important than money and wealth. And there is a saying, “where there is life there is hope.”


Imagine the relief parents get when seeing their distant children talk to them via social media. Those who got the chance to stay in their houses also felt happy with people in the family.


Friends became less important because anyone could barely go out there for fun or go to the workplace —not even at church or any social gathering.


Interestingly, people who haven’t heard from other family members for years finally heard from them. There was an urgent call for protecting lives, showing love and care. Some family members also reunited during the lockdowns.


A family gathering has, therefore, become one of the best ways of addressing issues concerning a family. It has been helpful for members to stay in unity and support each other.


Since many families found the importance of family gatherings during the crazy days of the pandemic, this special occasion has become an essential part of many families around the world.


The benefits have been overwhelming. Conflicts, hate, marital problems, and other grudges within members have been addressed to ensure peace, love, and unity, and genuine happiness.


If it were not for this COVID-19 pandemic, many distant families wouldn’t touch home to reunite with other members.


When love, understanding, and peace develop within the immediate environment being the family — it spread throughout the society, to the country, and other parts of the world —”Charity begins at home.”


In furtherance, the virus has taught individuals the importance of love, kindness, peace, and unity.


Together with everyone, we can eradicate this virus and see our beautiful world return to normal. The world needs the same kind of love and a sense of belongings in our political leaders.


We are from different countries with different races, but when we act together like how a nuclear family stays in love and unity —we can make this world a better place.


Remember, we are in a global village. It takes the right decisions to see things falling into their rightful places.


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