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IBM and Samsung have developed ‘multi-storey’ microprocessors

IBM and Samsung have developed 'multi-storey' microprocessors

IBM and Samsung have developed ‘multi-storey’ microprocessors
Silicon Valley: IBM of the United States and Samsung of South Korea have jointly announced that they have designed a ‘multi-storey’ microprocessor with 50 billion transistors in the same space as a human nail.

This is the latest technology in the world of microprocessors, which has three key features that are not present in any microchip to date:

The first is that it can make transistors as wide as 2 nanometers (fifty millionths of a meter). That is, the width of these transistors is less than the DNA sequence.
All the microprocessors currently available in the market have transistor widths of 7 nanometers.

With a width of 2 nanometers, the new microprocessors have succeeded in creating circuits of 50 billion transistors over an area the size of human nails.

Another important feature is that these new microchips use only 25% more electricity than traditional microprocessors.

This means that if they are used in smartphones, they will work for a whole week on a single charge.

The third most important feature of new microchips is that they are ‘multi-storey’. This means that the transistors are arranged up and down in such a way that the current flows in the processor right and left and back and forth as well as up and down.

This technology has been in the works for the last twenty years and is now a major breakthrough.

Due to this feature, it has been dubbed as “Vertical Transport Field Effect Transistors” (VTFET) while also playing an important role in increasing the speed of microprocessor and reducing power consumption.

IBM has also created test microchips using the VTFET architecture and uploaded a video about it on YouTube:

The video shows a new revolution in the world of digital technology, including not only computers and smartphones but also medical devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The date and price of the VTFET microchips for sale have not yet been announced, but it is hoped that the details will be revealed soon.

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