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Here is How You Can Grow Your Agency’s Remote Work Culture

Just because your team is working from home or anywhere their laptop is, doesn’t mean you can’t create a strong work culture.

With more and more people working remotely, new kinds of work problems arise naturally. Professionals working from home are having a hard time maintaining friendly work relationships with their team members and performing their best with limited resources.

Working from home was supposed to be easy. Before the Coronavirus outbreak, many professionals were luring for an opportunity to drop the dreading commute and work in comfort. However, with the coronavirus cases exceeding and restrictions rising,  remote work was allowed. Not only did many suffer from the unavailability of work essentials but also low communication with colleagues eventually made teleworking a curse for mental health.

However, now with over 18 months into remote working, people have understood how to create a routine work-life balance and to invest in essentials like stable TV and Internet Packages for the home. Except, organizational leaders are having trouble with creating a strong work culture with present remote work patterns.

Even when team members see each other’s faces, rarely they can maintain a positive work culture.

Following are some of the ways to keep your team connected and create a thriving work environment.

Foster Communication

The key to strong remote work culture is to have frequent communication. After the pandemic, many employees suffered from intense depression and growing loneliness because they experienced working from isolation for the first time. While many people had a hard time reaching out to their work colleagues, the pandemic work setting created a wall for them. People avoided leaving a text or message for their team members to talk to them other than work.

There are many times your team will choose to avoid work meetings and show less availability in online discussions but you should try to create a culture where more and more communication happens.

There are tons of applications that help team members in creating effective interactions. Instead of leaving the communication up to your team, you should make an effort to create regular check-ins. These proactive discussions help managers in finding out of if any of their members is struggling or having a hard time in the remote work culture.

Empower Team with Information

Tons of task manager apps keep remote teams in the same office. It does not matter where your team is working from – the office, from home, or in a hybrid work model – you should always prioritize sharing information with them and keeping them updated.

Staying engaged in different projects does not necessarily mean completing the task related to it. Instead having complete information of the projects and the extended goals help team members in showing their utmost portal.

Make Administrative Tasks Easy

Remote workers do not want to be busy all the time. Many remote workers have felt extremely exhausted, over worked and faced burnout because of administrative issues. Instead of leaving the administrative problems to them make sure you create features that help them access their payroll and other similar factors.

Keep it Fun

Remote working can get boring and lonely quickly. You can work on creating a small chitchat session with your team. Not only this but managing to have an in-person get together every 3 months will help your team enjoy their work.

To wrap it up

Remote working is stressful and results in low productivity and intense anxiety. But with the right approach and strategy, you can create a healthy relationship with your colleagues and establish better communication!

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