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Eclipse video released on Mars

Eclipse video released on Mars

Eclipse video released on Mars
PASADINA, California: The US space agency NASA has released a short video of a solar eclipse on Mars that lasted only 49 seconds. This is also the first video of a solar eclipse seen from Mars.

The Surveillance Rover, which was sent to Mars, made this HD video on April 2, 2022 with its powerful “Mast Cam Zi Camera System”, in which the Mars moon “Phobos” was seen in front of the Sun. Can be seen passing.

Let’s say that NASA’s “Surveillance Rover” is currently located on a vast crater “Island” on Mars in a place where one can see the near and far view of the surroundings.
Surveillance has also filmed a solar eclipse scene on Mars from here.

During a solar eclipse on Earth, the moon almost completely obscures the sun, and during the day it looks like night.

In contrast, in the NASA video, the Martian moon Phobos can be seen passing in front of the sun, but it has been able to hide a small part of the sun behind it.

This is because Phobos is 157 times smaller than our Earth’s moon, which is only 22 kilometers wide. Due to its small size, it can hide only a small part of the sun behind it.

The second moon of Mars, Demos, is even smaller, with a width of only 13 kilometers. Both of these moons look like big rocks.

Earth’s moon is much larger than the two with a diameter of 3475 km.

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