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Discovery of a new type of hurricane called ‘Lake of Air’

Discovery of a new type of hurricane called 'Lake of Air'

Discovery of a new type of hurricane called ‘Lake of Air’
WASHINGTON: Scientists have dubbed a brand new type of hurricane hovering over the ocean a “lake of air” that was previously seen but not understood.

It is formed by hurricanes whose speeds are very slow and this system of vast reservoirs of water is fully capable of raining. It has been observed extending from the western Indian Ocean to the African seas.

Just above the marine atmosphere, narrow and long atmospheric conditions were noted, filled with vast amounts of water, which scientists called the air river. These are circles full of moisture called air lakes or atmospheric lakes.
Interestingly, the aerial lake is cut off from the entire aerial climate. The details are outlined at a recent Fall Conference of the American Geophysical Union.

According to the research, small systems filled with moisture have been seen moving to the African coast where it is raining on semi-arid areas and beaches.


For five consecutive years, experts have considered aerial lakes that move slowly and the longest stormy lake lasted for 27 days.

In five years, a total of 17 lakes have been discovered which are visible at ten degrees around the equator. It is thought that these weather conditions could develop in other areas where they could take the form of large cyclones.

Scientists have considered the question of the formation of air lakes and their separation from other climatic conditions. The first hypothesis is that perhaps all this is due to the strong winds blowing inwards, and the second is that the overall atmospheric and climatic conditions are giving rise to it.

According to scientists, the aspect of climate change cannot be ignored and they keep moving from one place to another under internal force.

But the fact is that it has started raining in the coastal areas of East Africa but this amount of rainfall is very low. An artificial lake can fill a one kilometer wide swimming pool up to a few centimeters all year round.

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