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Better treatment of blood pressure with one capsule of four medicines

Better treatment of blood pressure with one capsule of four medicines

Better treatment of blood pressure with one capsule of four medicines
SYDNEY: Australian medical experts have found in a nearly four-year study that patients with high blood pressure benefit more from taking a small amount of four drugs at once, rather than one.

The clinical trials at the University of Sydney in New South Wales lasted for three-and-a-half years on 591 patients with high blood pressure, with volunteers over 18 years of age.

Four different blood pressure medications (arbisartin, amlodipine, indapamide, and bisoprolol) were sealed together in capsules (ultra low doses) for research purposes.
After a detailed and careful study, it was found that 80% of the patients who took the four drugs (in very small amounts) together had their blood pressure under control after 12 weeks, while the other patients who took one or two drugs at a time were slightly higher. During the same period, the blood pressure control rate was about 60%.

Medical experts say that this 20% difference is also very important because to date there is not a single strategy for the use of drugs to control blood pressure that can be considered equally effective for everyone.

When a patient develops symptoms of high blood pressure, most doctors start with one medication first and when the effectiveness of this medication begins to diminish, they may prescribe another medication along with it.

However, most of the time has passed so the two drugs do not work well together.

Due to these and many other problems, high blood pressure has become a global problem to this day, which is also called the “number one enemy” of man.

If high blood pressure persists for a long time, it can lead to various heart diseases and heart attacks as well as strokes.

Details of the study, entitled “Quartet”, have been published in the latest issue of the medical journal The Lancet, which shows that the beneficial effects of giving four drugs (in small doses) simultaneously are longer. Long lasting.

“If this new strategy benefits hypertensive patients by only 20% more than before, then we can save the lives of millions of people affected by this (hypertension) every year.” Dr Clara Chow, who oversees the research and is also a professor of medicine at the University of Sydney.

However, he stressed the need for more research in order to draw better and more effective conclusions.

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