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Advances in understanding cancer by tearing cancer cells

Advances in understanding cancer by tearing cancer cells

Advances in understanding cancer by tearing cancer cells
London: Every effort is being made to understand the causes of cancer all over the world. In this regard, the different stages of cancer during the cell division of living cells have been explained in great detail, which will lead to the emergence of new methods of treatment.

Think of it as the process of wound healing that begins with cells. During the division of a healthy cell, when the cell breaks down, the same copies of each chromosome are formed, which further divides into two cells.

This whole process takes place under a complex biological machine called the mitotic spindle. Now if there is a slight disturbance, uniform copies of chromosomes are not found and this process is called ‘Anniploid’. Thus both cells are deprived of the same genetic information and are defective.
Remember that cancer cells are also ‘aneuploidy’ but so far we have not been able to understand this process in detail. Now, Professor Stephen Royal of the University of Warwick and his colleagues have considered it in detail. They say that some chromosomes get stuck in some membranes near the cell spindle and disappear. In this way, the cell division becomes abnormal and as a result, the cancerous cell comes into being.

For this, the cells had to be dissected (surgery) in a way. Even a new method had to be devised to remove the chromosomes trapped in the membranes. Even lost chromosomes were recovered and normal and healthy cell division took place.

This led to two discoveries: first, the loss of chromosomes and entrapment in membranes causes cancer, and second, by stopping this method at the cellular level, new treatments for cancer can be discovered. Many scientists have considered cell division before, but they have peeked into the spindle, while Professor Stephen has considered membranes in cell division. If this process is stopped at the first stage, then the growth of cancer can be stopped at the first stage.

The study is published in the Journal of Cell Biology.

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