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News Audit
News Audit

About Us

Delivering news is one thing while on the other to deliver content news is the other. You will find a lot of internet sites and lot of apps that claim to provide you news but we all know that is not a genuine thing.

Therefore, we are here to deliver you the actual news and the facts behind the incidents that happen all around the world. We believe in the transparency and that is why we have kept this motto as our mission.

Hence, we audit the news resources and question them either they are true or not. We are not just here for the headlines but we are actually here to deliver you the news. International, national, domestic, political, societal changes, we keep an eagle eye on all of them.

But as you are aware that it is very hard to keep the pace up with the international news. Why? Because there is so much happening around the world. It is hard to keep an eye on each of them. Though we have a lot of extensive network to cover the most of key zones to gather the maximum news.

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