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A masterpiece of art with 45,000 fine holes on an ostrich egg

A masterpiece of art with 45,000 fine holes on an ostrich egg

A masterpiece of art with 45,000 fine holes on an ostrich egg
Vietnam: There is no shortage of unique art creators around the world, but this time a very talented artist from Vietnam has created a beautiful masterpiece from more than 45,000 holes in an ostrich egg. Some of the holes in the egg are as thin as 0.2 mm and that is why it took a long time of three years.

Guin Hung Chong, 30, is from Hanoi. He has been carving beautiful designs on chicken eggs with fine needles for over a decade. However, this time he removed all the contents of the chicken egg from the injection and started working on it. Guinean is also the most beautiful and attractive enamel on any egg in human history.

So far he has made his masterpiece out of 45,863 holes and some of these holes are even thinner than human hair. But it requires extreme caution because a minor mistake can cause a fragile egg to break and years of hard work can be wasted.
Goen has started this work inspired by artist Hamit Heeran. Hamit made 12,000 holes in an egg and Guin wanted to break that record and give Vietnam the honor. Although they complete their work on a simple hen’s egg in a few days, this new work has taken them an extraordinary amount of time. Some of these holes are so small that they are invisible.

He has also approached the relevant authority to include the creation in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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