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64 radio telescopes were assembled for cosmic research

64 radio telescopes were assembled for cosmic research

64 radio telescopes were assembled for cosmic research
South Africa: For the first time in history, the power of 64 radio telescopes, not one or two, has been combined. Its purpose is to unravel the mysteries of the universe in general, to understand evolution, and especially to detect distant neutral (without charge) hydrogen gas that has very thin traces.

The effort involves a team of eminent astronomers who have assembled 64 dishes from the Mercat telescope in South Africa. It will be developed into the world’s largest radio telescope, dubbed the SKA Observatory (SKAO).

It should be noted that its full name is Square Kilometer Array Observatory. The project involves 500 engineers and hundreds of experts from 20 countries. There are about 64 radio telescopes in different areas. Its main purpose is to conduct extensive research on the vastness of the universe. A galaxy on this scale also looks like a dot. In addition, research on dark matter and gravity in the universe itself has been considered.

Interestingly, since radio telescopes work on radio waves, they can see a wavelength of 21 cm that is emitted by neutral hydrogen. This element is common in the universe, but it is very difficult to visualize. By looking at its details, we can do research on the distribution and presence of matter in the universe.

On the other hand, objects in remote areas in the farthest corners of the universe can also be seen with high-quality images through radio telescopes. We usually use an interferometer for this, but this technology has its limitations and it is not sensitive enough to help us discover the mysteries of the universe. That’s why now 64 dishes have been combined, which experts have called a revolutionary milestone. It is hoped that this will be of great help in cosmological research.

Fortunately, other radio observatories on four continents have joined the mission, and this is the first time it has been seen. Thus, single dish technology has also made important discoveries. They combine visual observations of Mercat’s radio and Anglo-Australian telescope. It is known that with the integration of radio telescopes, experts have discovered a huge cosmic structure. This is the first major discovery made by combining more than one radio telescope.

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